How to use Public holiday reminders?

By setting a holiday reminder, the holiday will be displayed in the schedule list,
You will be able to receive notifications on the day and the day before a holiday.

Set holiday reminders

Select holidays and press “Add Reminders”.

Select the time you want to be notified on the day.
(The date will automatically be the day of the holiday)

By default, Notify me in advance is set to “Half days before”.

For example, if you set a reminder at 9 o’clock in the morning of the day,
At 9:00 p.m. on the previous day, the reminder will notify “Tomorrow: XX day”.

If you want to be notified in advance at a different time, you can change it from Notify me in advance.

Press Save to set holiday reminders in bulk.

*The dates of holiday reminders cannot be changed. It can’t even repeat. (However, if you clone it, you can change it freely)

*If the public holiday itself is abolished or date changed, you will be notified and the dates will be corrected.

How to bulk edit holiday reminders?

Select the holidays you want to edit and press “Add Reminders” and set it. It will be overwritten with the new content.

How to bulk delete holiday reminders?

From the gear, select Remove reminders.
You can bulk delete by country.

Note: If the holiday list has been deleted, you cannot mass delete reminders.
In that case, please download the holiday list again and delete the reminders all at once.