Remember such as birthdays every year earlier with Countdown.

For events such as birthdays where you need to prepare gifts in advance, let’s use Reminder FLEX’s Notify me in advance <countdown advance notification>, Snooze, and Repeat!

For example, “Notifiy me in advance”

If you set it like this, it will notify you 2 weeks before, 1 week before, and from 5 days to the day before, such as “XX days to go. Lisa’s birthday.”

And if it’s an event that happens every year, like the birthday, if you set the repeat to “every year”, you’ll be notified two weeks in advance every year.

By setting snooze, you can also respond to sudden forgetfulness by notifying repeatedly at regular intervals on the day of the birthday.


  • Countdown to library and rental return date
  • Countdown to the end of the free trial period
  • Expiration date for miles and reward points etc..

You will no longer have to make mistakes, and your life will go very well♪


What if I want it to let me know more than two weeks in advance?

If you have a schedule that you want to be notified regularly for a month or several months in advance, use Clone!

Simply copy the reminder, set it to the day you want to be notified, and you’re good to go!