How to repeat for multiple days (Mon, Wed, Fri, etc)

If you want to repeat like Mon, Wed, Fri for a reminder.

For free user

Just select “Every week” for Repeat. Then you can clone reminders for other days.

E.g. If you want to repeat Mon, Wed, Fri.

First, with new reminder, Select the date for Wed, also repeat “every week”. Then SET.

So, this reminder will ring on every Wed.

Then, Clone this reminder.

Now, you change the date for Mon. And SET.

And clone again for Fri.

Now reminders will ring every Mon, Wed, Fri.

You can use like this way.


For Fully activated PRO user (with Premium feature)

On Repeat page, scroll down.

Select days (or a day) whichever you want to repeat, and press SET. (You can select a day as well.)

This Premium feature is add after Ver.14. If your app version is Ver.13 or older, Please update your app.