How to Disable Optimizing Reminder FLEX app for Each Brand.

If you couldn’t disable optimization for Reminder FLEX app with the instruction video below or you did but still have alerting problem,

Then check these instructions by device brand.


most of Samsung devices should be worked with Instruction video in Reminder FLEX app.

Settings -> apps ->3dots at the right top corner ->Special access -> Optimize battery usage (then switch off for Reminder FLEX)

However, if you still face problems,

Check battery settings

Settings > Battery and device care > Battery > Turn off “Power saving”

Power saving stops background activity, so the app can’t set & start reminder alerts.

↑Also check background usage limits as well on this page.

Remove Reminder FLEX from “Sleeping apps” and “Deep Sleeping apps” if it on the list. And Add Reminder FLEX to “Never sleeping apps”.


If still have a problem, check these instructions and swich off one by one

Allow as Alarms & Reminders (if Android12 or later)

follow this video and make sure Reminder FLEX is allowed on Alarms & Reminders

Settings > apps > 3 dots on top right corner > special access > Alarms & Reminders > Turn ON for Reminder FLEX

Make sure all notifications are ON

Settings > Apps > Reminder FLEX > Notifications > please make sure all the switches are ON.



OnePlus might need locking the app.

Try to Lock Reminder FLEX app.

Please follow the instruction with images.



Might need Turn ON “Manage manually” for Reminder FLEX app.

Might need Turn ON “Start up manager” for Reminder FLEX app.

Please follow the instruction with images


Xiaomi (Redmi、POCO)

Stop MIUI optimization helps alarm working precisely.

Check instruction videos below &
Select “Don’t optimize” for Reminder FLEX app.


Choose “Don’t optimize” for Reminder FLEX


Try to disable MIUI optimization with below video.


Turn on Autostart

Settings ->applications -> Reminder FLEX -> Auto Start

TURN ON Auto start for Reminder FLEX.

and, if you still have trouble with alarm or your device doesn’t have these settings, please follow the instruction with images in this page



Try to allow Remider FLEX app in Auto start manager.

Please follow the instruction



Please check this instruction.



Try to Swich ON “allow background activity” for Reminder FLEX app in App battery management.

Please follow the instruction



If Motorola phone doesn’t open optimization page,

Go to your device’s settings >  Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Battery optimization > Select “All app” > Reminder FLEX > Select “Don’t optimize”
(↑ This page has instruction images. After arriving at the optimization page, select “all app” > Reminder FLEX > “Don’t optimize”.)

Also an instruction video here for Motorola.

Other brands

For other brands, check here.