Build Healthy habits with “Talking time signal”

Reminder FLEX can also be used as a talking time signal.

If you create a talking time signal, you can prevent yourself from staying up late and create regular habits, so you can live an energetic and healthy life.

Make a talking time signal and make a healthy habit!

As in the example above, for example, the title is “9 pm. Have you taken a shower?”

  • Set alert time to 21:00
  • Repeat everyday
  • Alert type is Text-to-speech

By doing so, every day at 21:00, the app will tell you, “9 pm. Have you taken a shower?”

For example, even if you are doing something else such as playing a game, you can realize that “Oh, it’s already this time. I haven’t taken a shower yet.”


“It’s 19:00. Take a supplement.”
“It’s 22:00. Turn off the air conditioner.”
“It’s 5pm. Prepare for dinner.”
“It’s 3pm. Go shopping.”
“It’s 4pm. It’s time to go for a walk.”

Etc. It is very easy to understand if you combine the time signal and what to do.

(Especially if you use a conversational tone such as “Let’s do 〇〇”, “Did you do 〇〇?”, it will be like having an AI secretary and it will be fun!)

Try it now!