Text-to-speech voice sounds like a broken radio

This is how to deal with problems such as when the Text to speech voice suddenly becomes a strange voice like a broken radio, or the voice does not come out, even though it has been working properly until now.

* This is not a bug of this app, but such a phenomenon may occur when there is a bug in the engine in the update of Google etc. which provides the TTS engine.

Solution: change TTS engine, uninstall

Open your device settings,

General administration → Language and keyboard → Text-to-speech
System → Languages and input → Text-to-speech

If you can’t find it, search for “text-to-speech”

Solution 1: Change Preferred Engine

Choose another engine.

After changing the engine, press the gear icon again

Install voice data

Install the language you want and choose a voice actor.

Solution 2: Uninstall updates

For example, if you’re using Google’s engine and suddenly your voice becomes strange one day, it’s highly likely that your voice was broken due to an update to Google’s engine (such as a bug in the update).

Open the play store app,

Look for Speech Services by Google.

uninstall and

Tap the three dots & Turn off auto-update.

This should restore the voice to the old version and fix the crackling.