Start Crashing when set reminder.

“When set a reminder, suddenly app crashes and alarms do not ring after that.”

the reason

* Some devices are limitating maximum 500 active alarms can be set together.

We don’t believe you are setting 500 active reminders, however for example, if you set multiple reminders with snooze 90 times, also notify me advance together, then count would be more than 500 and this would happens.

How to fix it?

  • Delete reminders which you are setting big amount of snooze times with. Especially reminders which will be go off within a week.
  • Reduce Snooze times & Notify me in advance Ticks from the reminders you’ve already set. Especially which will be go off within 3 weeks.
  •  Once you did above, go to settings > repair robot > press “Repair alerts”.
  • If problem persists, restart your device.
  • Make sure your Reminder FLEX is Vr.13 or later.

If app crashes while repairing, it means, you still have too many active alarms.

How the device is counting active alarms?

  • Generally, reminders which will be go off within 7 days only counted as active alarms. However, this is included “Notify me in advance” too. E.g. if you set a reminder which will be go off in 3 weeks, but also you set “2 weeks before” as “Notify me in advance”. In this case, this reminder’s alerts (include snooze times) are also counted as active alarms.
  • Repetitions are counted as well. So if you set a reminder with snooze 90 times, & you tick all of Notify me in Advance options (total 15), and also set repeat, it means, 90 + 15 + 1 = 106 count you use.
  • When alerts/alarms go off, those are released from count.
  • Even if you set more than 500 future reminders, they will not be counted until it will be within 1 week.