“Alarm” “Notification” & “Text-to-speech” What’s the difference between them?


Alarm: Alarm tone/melody will be ringing for specific duration (5sec – 3min : you can set). Generally you need to press Stop button to stopping this melody. This is just like a wake-up alarm.

*While in PRO mode, Stop snooze together button also appears.

While you are using your device, Stop button appears as a popup.

If you accidently swipe popup away, you can find this in the notification drawer/lockscreen.

Press Stop & melody will stop.



Notification:This is a push notification.

When time comes, a pop-up appears on the top of the display with a ding(a short sound).

Also this notification will be shown on the lock screen.



TTS:This is the same as Notification, but read aloud the title.

It’s very handy, you can know your schedule without checking the screen!