Install languages for Text-to-speech

How to install languages for text-to-speech Can't find the languages for Text-to-speech in the list or there is n...

Light up screen when get notification in android

When your device screen is off, and get a notification from Reminder. You'll hear the ding, but device screen doesn't li...

How to Disable Optimizing Reminder FLEX app for Each Brand.

If you couldn't disable optimization for Reminder FLEX app with the instruction video below or you did but still have al...

Change notification tone/sound?

Open Reminder FLEX app Settings now you can change the notification tone from "Sound" .

How to stop optimizing Reminder FLEX on OPPO device to alarms go off realtime?

This is for OPPO phone/device user. If you've tried stop opimizing Reminder FLEX app with how to video, but you could...
Reminder FLEX

How to use Reminder FLEX. Official guide

This page explains Reminder flex app's basic usage and handy funcitons. How to use Reminder FLEX (basic usage) ...

Update doesn’t show in Google Play Store. How can I do?

Developer said "Please update" but, update doesn't show in Google play store? Then please delete cache of Google Play S...

Reminder FLEX FAQ

First check this! ⬇ How to use Reminder FLEX  If you have alerting Problem ⬇ Alarm doesn't ring on ...

リマインダーFLEXが遂にGoogle Playストアにて正式リリース。今すぐダウンロード!

Android用新アプリ、Reminder FLEX(リマインダーフレックス)の日本語版が、ついにGoogle Playストアにて正式リリースされました。 リマインダーFLEXダウンロードページ リマインダーFLEXは、...

I can’t find Reminder FLEX in Google Play Store. How can I get?

Reminder FLEX is released on March 6 2022 and now available in every country on Google Play Store. Reminder FLEX ...