News: Reminder FLEX is now available in Google Play Store in your country!


Android application Reminder FLEX is officially released on Mar 06 2022 in world wide.

To Download Reminder FLEX, Your device needs Android OS 8 or later version.

You can download Reminder FLEX in Google Play Store.


What is Reminder FLEX?


Reminder FLEX is very flexible reminder/to-do list/task tracker/scheduler with alarm & notification.

List what you need to do. Reminder alarm/popup notification will remind you when the time comes! Also repeatedly notify you if you combine Snooze, Repeat and Pre-alert functions!

Just touch the checkbox when you finished your task or when you want to stop snooze, it will move to DONE page. you can check done list in this page.

• You can combine snooze(nagging) & repeat. For example, if you need to take a medicine everyday but often forget, You can set this reminder like “snooze every 15 min 6 times and repeat it daily with popup notifications”. You’ll get alarmed with this recurrent nag function. So you won’t miss what to do!

• You can choose snooze duration from the selection. You can set just one tap with ease.
• You can ring Pre-alert prior to your task.
• You can set repeat daily, daily but weekdays only, weekly, monthly and yearly.
• Auto correct end of month repeat. For example, If you set alarm on Jan 31st with repeat monthly, next time will ring on Feb 28th, but another next time will ring at Mar 31st properly!
• You can select Notification or Alarm each task.
• You can change date format from various selection like Mar 31st, 31st Mar, 3/31 or 3-31.
• Manual or Auto Backup to local & Google Drive. So if you change your device, you can restore your reminders on new device!
• Correspond to Daylight saving time & timezone change automatically. For example, if your country enters summer time, this reminder detects it and reset all alarms. So you don’t miss alarms 😉
• Clone function makes you easy to set another reminder.
• Activate PRO functions with playing the game! There are more handy functions in PRO mode, however, you can unlock all of them with just playing the mini game!

Very simple and easy to use for anyone, yet you can set each reminder very flexibly.