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How to use this app?

Set a reminder (basic usage)

First, press + button to add new reminder.

Now write something you want to remember on time. For example “***’s birthday”, “Wedding anniversary”, “Take my pills”, “Buy toilet paper”, “Go to bank” and so on.

And set alerting date and time. Press SET. That’s all.

Now your new reminder is on ACTIVE list.

The reminder alert will notify you when time comes.

So you can remember what you need to do on the time.

After you finish what you have to do, tap the checkbox.

The reminder will be removed from ACTIVE page.
And a history will be added to DONE page.

Now you tap “Edit” of the history on DONE page. You can add extra note/diarty.

This note/diary is recorded on DONE history. So you can look back at when you did & how was it later.


ACTIVE page, DONE page

On ACTIVE page, you can check what you need to do in the future.
On DONE page, you can check what you’ve done.

Done history page records every your completed to-do.

on DONE page, you can add note/diary from “Edit”.
“Clone” creates a copy of new active reminder.


onACTIVE page, if you press the green button, you can done all the past tasks together at once!

While PRO (you can activate it by playing the game), you can tick from the lock screen notification as well.


Press the body of a task, the menu will open.

Edit: You can change title, date, etc of the existing reminder.
Clone: You can clone the reminder, so just edit some detail and can set a new reminder easily.
Delete: You can delete this reminder.
Stop repeat: If reminder with repeating alarm, you can stop repeating.
Stop rep & Done: Stop repeating alarm & tick the box, move to Done page.


Use Snooze, Repeat, Advance functions

When you set a reminder, you can use Repeat, Snooze, Notify me in Advance.

Snooze: snooze is short repeat function (nagging function).

For example, if you choose Every 5 min, then you set a reminder at 14:00. Reminder will ring at 14:00, then repeatedly ring again at 14:05, 14:10, 14:15, 14:20, 14:25, 14:30. So you won’t forget what to do.

Repeat: repeat is long term repeating. For exaple, if you select Everyday and set Reminder at 14:00, it will ring 14:00 daily.

Notify me in advance: It notifies earlier time than your reminder time.

E.g. If your reminder ringing date is 25th, then select 3-1 days before, it will alert you on 22nd-24th with notification like “3 days to go: your reminder day”.


You can combine Snooze, Repeat and Advance notice together, so you can ring as you like.

Choose alert type

each reminder you can choose alert type. you can choose “popup notification”, “alarm” or “Text-to-speech”.

Notification: notification comes out of top of the display with ding.

if you select “Text-to-Speech”, this title will be read aloud.

Alarm : alarm tone rings for certain duration.


Pause alarm ringing

When you press clock button, you can pause alarm. when clock is red, notification/alarm won’t go off (will not ring). When you tap again and green, notification/alarm is active and will go off. (This is PRO feature, however you can use this with playing the mini game in Settings.)



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