FAQ about buying PRO

Check the next billing day & Cancel PRO subscription

You can check next billing day & cancel subscription from Google Play app. Check here for instruction with images.


When reinstall app or install to the new device, can I use PRO again?

Yes. Make sure logging in to your purchased google play account on Google Play Store app. Then, open the app > settings > recover PRO > press button. Your app will back to PRO.  Check here for instruction with images.


Can PRO use all features?

Yes.All the star icon features unlocked & you can use all of them.


If I join at 25th for the monthly plan, do I still can use PRO for a month?

Definitely, YES! If you join at 25th & even if you unsubscribe it, at least you can still use until 24th of next month.


If you have more questions, contact us from contact page in the app.