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Change default value (Presets)

When creating a new reminder,
・It would be nice if “Text-to-speech” was selected from the beginning. .
・It would be easier if alerting-time was set + 30 minutes as default. .
・If snooze is set from the beginning. .

You can do that by changing the default value!

Settings → Presets (Default values)

For example, if you want “Text-to-speech” is selected as Alert type from the beginning, you can do so by selecting “Text-to-speech” here.

In the time selection field, if you want the current time to be entered as the initial value, select “Current + 0 min”. If you want to ring frequently 30 minutes later, you can change it to “Current + 30 min” to make it +30 minutes from the beginning.

If you prefer that always Snooze is on as default, then select “Snooze every 15 minutes” here, snooze every 15 minutes will be set as the initial value (Of course, you can change to OFF or different interval when you set a reminder. this is just the default value).

For Alarms, Settings > Alarm settings

It’s even more convenient to use!