Compatible blood pressure monitor type with Instant-BP app

Instant Blood Pressure Tracker compatible with these types of blood pressure monitors

BP-monitors with SYS, DIA & Pulse can be read regardless of brand or model. Any type can be read, including upper arm type and wrist type.

Compatible with back light models

Regardless of the color of the backlight, they can be read.

From Ver.5.6 the app can read with white numbers with dark background.

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For models that display unrelated numbers such as date and time

Basically, the model shown in the photo above can also be read, but if unrelated numbers such as the time are displayed on the display, those numbers may be read incorrectly.

If the numbers app read are different from the actual numbers, cover the numbers such as the time with your finger or a sticker and take a photo. Then the app can read them accurately.

Especially if the time is displayed in a large format, as shown in the image above, it may be misread, so be sure to hide it when taking the photo so that it cannot be read.


The model which is not compatible with Instant Blood Pressure Tracker app

The app can not read if displayed numbers are not digital number (7 segment).