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“Alarm” “Notification” & “Text-to-speech” What’s the difference between them?


Alarm: Alarm tone/melody will be ringing for specific duration (5sec – 3min : you can set). Generally you need to press Stop button to stopping this melody. This is just like a wake-up alarm.

*While in PRO mode, Stop snooze together button also appears.

While you are using your device, Stop button appears as a popup.

If you accidently swipe popup away, you can find this in the notification drawer/lockscreen.

Press Stop & melody will stop.



Notification:This is a push notification.

When time comes, a pop-up appears on the top of the display with a ding(a short sound).

Also this notification will be shown on the lock screen.



TTS:This is the same as Notification, but read aloud the title.

It’s very handy, you can know your schedule without checking the screen!

It won’t read aloud while in silent mode by default. You can change the behavior from the settings.